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Pavan Thimmaiah and PMT Dance Studio take the Garden

    When Madison Square Garden approached me about putting together a dance performance for a NY Liberty game (New York’s WNBA team) halftime show, I wanted to create a unique and memorable experience for the team involved, and maybe make a few dreams come true along the way. So, I brought in the PMT Dance Company (along with some of illest breakers in NYC) and my wonderful students to create a dance performance we hoped would stand out.

    Choreographed by myself and a section by one of my instructors, Lara Duncan, the final dance piece incorporated a variety of dance styles: Jazz, Hip-hop and Breaking. For forty-two dancers, it was a grueling 10 week process, full of turning drills, extra rehearsals and last, but not least: yelling “Lines!”. With cameras filming from above and the location we were performing in, it was crucial that the dancers were precise in lining up before executing the movies. I must have yelled it over 1000 times!

    The hard work paid off,  our team did not disappoint, so much that they impressed the NY Knick dance team as well. Much to our excitement, our group was asked to perform again! The forty-two of us were truly dancing as one. 

    As someone who has sat in MSG watching my favorite teams play, I especially loved the entire experience and it ranks as one of the top dance moments in my life - but not simply because it was something for Madison Square Garden, but because I was able to do it with a special team and I could see them come alive right before my eyes. And that made me very proud and happy.

Pavan Thimmaiah

courtesy PMT Dance Studio

Pavan Thimmaiah is a dancer, choreographer, and founder of PMT Dance studio. Learn more.

Watch the NY Liberty halftime performance.

Pavan was also a featured interviewee in the film "Not a Feather, but a Dot"