Prasad’s dual roles as director and Indian-American subject intensify the film’s potential to evoke empathy from its audience. The film deftly walks the line between seriousness and humor; it is didactic, but in a cleverly entertaining manner.
— Wendy Highby, EMRO
While the story of ignorance among different stereotype groups is the same for many, Prasad presents the Indian-American view in a way both informative and friendly... A great discussion starter on the subjects of prejudice and cultural differences.
— Ellen Druda, Library Journal, Jan 2013, Vol 138, No 1, p 58
“A well researched, powerful, and professional production depiction of the diaspora history, both then and now.”
— Prof. Surendra Gambhir, South Asian studies, University of Pennsylvania
The film covers a breadth of topics and experiences, and makes them accessible to a general audience.
— Patricia Nguyen, Senior Director, Diversity Programs, UCLA

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"Not a Feather, but a Dot"

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