Prof. Prashad said this to me during our interview, obviously with a hint of sarcasm and jest. While the thought that there are Indians are "bad at math" is fairly obvious cerebrally, when he says it - it always raises a few laughs from audience members.

In college, we were required to take classes called "writing seminars", the first one I took introduced me to the book, "The Karma of Brown Folk" written by Prof. Prashad. It was the first time I read anything about the history of Indians in the United States and anything about "identity," period. It was a pretty big departure from my usual study of Fourier transforms and Cauchy integrals. (I guess I was ok at math) But something stuck with me about the question he posed, namely, "How does it feel to be a solution?" (in contrast to DuBois's question "How does it feel to be a problem?). 

When setting about to make the film, he was an obvious choice as to one of the primary contributors, and I'm grateful to Professor Prashad for taking the time to be interviewed.